Tuesday November 15 2016

Fife-based Ingenico hosts first-of-its-kind POS UK App Challenge

Apps are often associated with entertainment, media and eCommerce but beyond the consumer mobile focus, Ingenico's marketing team highlighted its important B2B purpose.

Fife-based Ingenico hosts first-of-its-kind POS UK App Challenge

Campaign first, product second. That sounds back-to-front, but it’s the basis of a new marketing initiative from Ingenico, the world’s largest provider of point-of-sale chip-and-pin terminals.

Apps are traditionally seen as mobile-centric consumer products but Ingenico wanted to demonstrate the impact apps are having in B2B. Ingenico’s marketing team approached the global developer community and asked for app submissions that could be integrated into Ingenico terminals and introduced to retailers around the world. The first of its kind ‘App Challenge’, organised in collaboration with Apps World, not only brought fresh innovation to the company but also introduced app-enabled Ingenico terminals to a much broader audience.

The campaign set out the premise that:

At any given moment and across the globe, millions of consumers are buying goods on Ingenico payment terminals. These terminals are smart, connected devices with huge potential to introduce new, revolutionary customer experiences and commercialisation. The Ingenico Apps Marketplace opens up that space and represents the next frontier in the IoT.”

Of the 28 innovative submissions received, ‘Instant Support App’ took the no.1 spot. The app allows merchants and issuing banks to communicate in real-time through the payment terminal, meaning merchants can resolve payment issues quickly and effectively for the customer. Instant support will now be made available across Telium TETRA, the Ingenico app marketplace, helping to boost sales for retailers around the world. 

The competition sparked huge interest with 27,000 impressions on the App Challenge site and 25k+ visits across social media. Ingenico’s brand has been shown supporting up-and-coming talent while championing customer service and innovation. The product, Ingenico Smart Terminals, has also received fresh accolades from a campaign that stressed the endless possibilities hidden within cutting-edge payment terminals.

Ingenico’s campaign incorporated interaction with a new developer community, gameification of traditionally B2B process, direct targeting and a radical new service/product combination that impacts the industry at its most important moment: the moment of the payment transaction.

About Ingenico Group

Ingenico Group is the global leader in seamless payment, providing smart, trusted and secure solutions to empower commerce across all channels, in-store, online and mobile. With the world’s largest payment acceptance network, we deliver secure payment solutions with a local, national and international scope. We are the trusted world-class partner for financial institutions and retailers, from small merchants to several of the world’s best known global brands. Our solutions enable merchants to simplify payment and deliver their brand promise. Learn more at:

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